Our range of supplies includes standard as well custom made condensing units and semi industrial compressor pack or rack system complete with electrical control panel and all inline components. Our supplies includes:

  • Typical condensing units
  • Multi Compressor packs system with or without integrated air cooled condenser complete with electrical control panel and all inline components. Compressor can be any type i.e. scroll, semi-hermetic and screw type.
  • Water chillers.
  • Ice bank systems.
  • Brine chillers and brine freezers
  • Custom made refrigeration system in order to meet site requirement
  • INSULATED POLYUTHANE PANELS for cold room insulation, as well insulated sliding and hinged doors.


Flex Freezer:

It is perfect combination of blast freezer and contact freezer for rapid and perfect freezing. Flex freezers are economical, deep and perfect freezers, self contained with compressor pack system. Freezing capacities: 120 to 600 kg/hr.


(temp. -50oC to -80oC): Suitable for suitable product such as medicines or drugs.

Individual Quick Freezer (IQF):

Perfect freezing solution for food products, bakery, fish, meat, poultry and other all items. Freezing capacity: 500 kg to 2000 kg/hr, freezing time: 20 to 60 min. single belt and double belt as well tunnel option is available.



We specialize in supplying all kind of doors suitable for almost all kind of doors, suitable for almost all application.

Our range include:

  • Insulated Sliding Doors (both manual and automatic).
  • Insulated Hinged Doors.
  • High Speed Roll Up Doors; can be used for cold room as well.
  • Swing door; both insulated and polycarbonate type can be used for cold room as well.